Re: pls fix daml+oil-index [Fwd: N3 version of daml+oil.daml (KIF version, too)]

From: Mike Dean (
Date: 07/24/01


I've been reluctant to change [1] to drop the .daml suffices
for several reasons:

1) I think it helps folks to be able to tell what the type
of the file is (DAML vs. n3 vs. HTML, etc.).  I don't think
this by itself necessarily causes them to use the suffix in
their references.

2) I have some concerns about the practice of omitting the
type in ontology references:

  a) Content negotiation in the presence of multiple types
  doesn't currently work as desired (e.g. with [2], which is
  available in .daml, .xml, and .html formats) because DAML
  API's don't/can't set HTTP_ACCEPT and there isn't a
  standard DAML MIME type (we had planned to register one,
  but I'm now holding off until RDF Core decides what it
  wants to use as an RDF MIME type).

  b) You have to specify the suffix with file: URIs (which I
  use quite a bit for private and offline development), at
  least with the Java APIs under Windows NT/2000. 

  c) At least [3] and one of the WWW servers used by the
  Horus team require the .daml suffix.  I haven't yet
  tracked down which server they're using or other details.





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