DAML Rules Usage Examples...

From: Stefan Decker (stefan@db.stanford.edu)
Date: 07/10/01


at our telecon from July 3rd it seems that many different opinions exist
about what DAML Rules should be able to do.
I feel it would be useful if we could collect a set of scenarios and 
examples describing
what DAML Rules should be able to do - especially with respect to DAML+OIL 
and instances.
We would be able to derive requirements and the examples could act as a basis
for further work on DAML Rules.

So I would appreciate if everybody could sent me at least one (more would 
be better)
small example describing a possible usage scenario of DAML Rules showing 
how DAML Rules
interacts with DAML+OIL and instances.

I will compile these examples together in one document and report back to 
the joint-committee.

Thanks a lot and all the best,


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