Re: equivalentTo / sameClassAs / sameIndividualAs puzzle

From: Jeff Heflin (
Date: 07/09/01

Ian Horrocks wrote:
> On July 7, Dan Brickley writes:
> >
> > I was concerned mostly with the classes case as I'm thinking about the
> > subClassOf cycles issue. Reading on, same goes for samePropertyAs,
> > sameIndividualAs; it seems equivalentTo is the odd one out, by talking
> > about 'terms'.
> You are reading more into the use of "terms" than was intended. It is
> just an attempt to be vague/general w.r.t. the kinds of thing that are
> being stated to be equivalent.

I think the definition for equivalentTo should say that "X is an
equivalent resource to Y," where resource is as defined in RDF. Since
RDF resources can be classes, properties or anything else given a URI,
this is compatible with the various subproperties of equivalentTo.
sameIndividualAs is different from equivalentTo because the set of DAML
individuals do not include classes or properties.


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