[Automated theorem prover finds inconsistencies in DAML+OIL]

From: Mike Dean (mdean@bbn.com)
Date: 06/20/01

See [1] and the message below.


[1] http://vis.home.mindspring.com

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Here is a paragraph for your next newsletter issue.

Paul Kogut

Automated theorem prover finds inconsistencies in DAML+OIL.

The UBOT project <http://ubot.lockheedmartin.com/>
has successfully applied its consistency checking
technology to the DAML+OIL axiomatic semantics, uncovering a number of
previously unsuspected inconsistencies.  The UBOT ConsVISor
consistency checking tool can be used to check both ontologies and
annotations.  It will be available on the web for trial use in mid-July.

See <http://vis.home.mindspring.com/> for more detailed information.

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