Re: N3 version of daml+oil.daml (KIF version, too)

From: Dan Connolly (
Date: 06/15/01

Jim Hendler wrote:
> Folks- wanted a more readable version of daml+oil, so I sent it
> through the N3 converter.  It comes out pretty well, except for one
> oddity - instead of using the normal colon prefix, we did something
> that causes it to come out with the full URIs - that is we get
>    <>     a rdfs:Class;
> instead of
>   :Class a rdfs:Class;
> Two easy things could fix this - an editing macro that fixes the
> daml+oil.daml file, or a fix to Dan's python code that can somehow
> recongize and fix this.

The name of that thing is supposed to be
i.e. you're supposed to refer to the ontology using

If you refer to the ontology that way, it works just fine:

$ python2 ../../ --rdf --n3
--base=absolutize: >daml+oil.n3

I checked in the results at:

You can also get it from the converter that I think
Jim is referring to

  N3<->RDF Conversion Service

So the results are available at:

By the way, for other reasons, I generated a version of
daml+oil in "n-triples" format, which is an extremely
simple dialect of N3 that the RDFCore WG is using
for expected results of test cases:

one interesting thing about n-triples format is
that I wrote a little perl ditty to convert it to KIF:

whence comes daml+oil converted to KFI:

dpo.kif would be more useful if we had a clean,
machine-readable copy of the axiomatic semantics,
separated out from the HTML etc. in

>   Any takes - would be a nice document to add to our daml+oil release page

Feel free to copy daml+oil.n3 and dpo.kif from

But also...

I'm pretty sure I've asked for the suffixes to be removed
from the links in the daml+oil release page before;
I got the impression the request was declined, but maybe
it was just dropped, so let me make it again:

Please remove the .daml and .html from the links
in the index page
  $Revision: 1.7 $ of $Date: 2001/03/28 06:26:55 $
and use the document titles, not filenames, as the link
text; e.g. change

| <LI>daml+oil-walkthru.html
| - an annotated version of the example ontology


 <li><a href="daml+oil-walkthru">Annotated DAML+OIL (March 2001)
 - an annotated version of the example ontology</li>

  (consider XHTML-izing while you're at it.)

It's especially important that folks refer to the daml+oil
stuff without the .daml; they get the wrong names otherwise.

Dan Connolly, W3C

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