Re: Joint Committee Meeting tomorrow May 15

From: pat hayes (
Date: 05/15/01

>Pat's strawman proposal for DAML rules  (Pat Hayes will send email)

Well, Pat admits defeat. Here's what I wanted to be able to do, 
illustrated by an example. There is a class of things called Actions, 
which have unique properties called actor (takes values in class of 
Agents), actionType, and target (all object classes).  I want to say 
that the intersections of two classes of actions is uniquely defined 
by the intersections of the three property values, ie an action is in 
the intersection if its values are in the corresponding 
intersections. That ought to be expressible as a rule which has 
antecedents referring to the property values and a consequent 
referring to the intersection, but I'm damned if I can see how to do 
this using DAML syntax.

I wont even bother describing the strawman idea in detail, since this 
was the first thing I tried to use it for, and it couldnt even handle 
this. What it amounted to in effect was allowing Horn clause rules 
whose atoms were DAML assertions with variables, corresponding 
roughly to the entries in the model-theoretic semantics table (with 
datatype assertions restricted to the antecedents).


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