Re: Joint Committee telecon tomorrow 8 May

From: pat hayes (
Date: 05/10/01

>I have a couple of questions -
>1.  Pat mentioned in previous email that he could not make the phone
>meeting on may 8th but that he would attempt to get the strawman
>proposal out.  Will we have a strawman proposal?

No, as you now know, you didnt (from me). Sorry I wasnt able to get 
back to y'all in time for the telethon.

I thought coming up with this strawman would be easier than it is. My 
idea was simply to put together DAML and Horn clauses by thinking of 
a DAML assertion as an atom, and inventing some syntax for variables. 
However there are many complications that I had not forseen, 
including the fact that DAML is already so expressive that it would 
allow one to sneak past the Horn case by using constructs which while 
both positive atoms, have semantics which negate each other. So I am 
still wrestling with this matter. I will, HONESTLY, try to have 
something ready for next week even if it is only notes about why I 
can't do it. I am currently leaning towards adding Horn clauses to a 
subset of DAML selected to be 'minimal' in the sense that the rest of 
it can be defined in terms of the rules themselves, which might be 
independently handy as a way to home in on a 'DAML -lite' version.

>2.  In reviewing the notes, it is inconvenient that we cant just go to a
>member list.  Is there a way to make members of our committee invited
>experts so that we may view the pages such as the one posted with the
>member list?
>3.  Dan and Peter - will you be joining the May 8th meeting and thus can
>we have the imports discussion on the agenda?  if not, are you available
>May 15th for the discussion?
>can one of you post  the best url for review for that discussion?

ON that matter, some discussion which might be relevant also surfaced 
on the SUO discussion lists. I proposed a KIF convention based on 
RDF/DAML ideas about name-prefixing to avoid name clashes when 
importing one ontology into another:
Robert Kent made some (I thought) useful comments and questions later 
in the thread:
which deserve to be thought about by  DAML more generally.


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