Contentious issues document

From: Frank van Harmelen (
Date: 04/03/01

Mike was volunteering to write the first version of the document describing some of the main design decisions (or better: contentious issues during the design) of DAML+OIL.

I was keeping notes during the conversation of the issues that were listed as candidates (not in any specific order):

- numerals vs numbers
- disjointness of datatypes and classes
  (input from
- equivalentTo 
  (input from email debate in joint-committee)
- rdfs:Class vs. daml:Class
- parsetype = collection
  (input from
- DAML+OIL is not a database language
  (input from Pat)

Possible other candidates not mentioned during the teleconf:

- relation with RDF 
  (input from
- role of different formal semantics


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