terminating 'imports' loops

From: pat hayes (phayes@ai.uwf.edu)
Date: 03/22/01

I suggest adding the following sentence to the end of the paragraph 
in the ref manual.
Comments? re-wordings?



Each daml:imports statement references another DAML+OIL ontology 
containing definitions that apply to the current DAML+OIL resource. 
Each reference
consists of a URI specifying from where the ontology is to be 
imported from. See the example above. Imports statements are 
transitive, that is, if ontology A
imports B, and B imports C, then A imports both B and C.  Importing 
an ontology into itself is considered a null action, so if ontology A 
imports B and B imports A, then they are
considered to be equivalent.
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