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From: Jim Hendler (
Date: 03/08/01

At 1:46 AM +0100 3/9/01, Frank van Harmelen wrote:
>Stefan Decker wrote:
>>  actually, since Ontologies are electronic artefacts it would make
>>  sense to deliver Dublin Core metadata with them.
>>  That means Dublin Core metadata annotations should be part of the
>>  DAML specifications for Ontologies.
>>  I suggested this a while back for OIL, and I think I makes also
>>  sense for DAML+OIL.
>I warmly support Mike's proposal and Stefan's comment.
>Of course, in Europe we always do what Stefan tells us:-)
>See for instance
>(and many of the other examples at 
>Page 5 of 
>describes what of DC we exploited in OIL.
>    ----

Let mew share w/you all what I told Mike -- I think that we should 
not only have the DC stuff used on the page, but should tie it to an 
ontology in DAML+OIL -- example, we should know that the contributor 
has to be a person, the publisher an organization, etc. etc. -- this 
would both demonstrate a good use of Dublin Core, and also show how 
we can use DAML+OIL to go beyond it -- I also suggest that those 
contributors who haven't already created home pages with content in 
D+O, can do so -- and that way our document becomes a good starting 
place for semantic web tools...
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