Re: DAML briefing to RDF IG

From: pat hayes (
Date: 02/27/01

>A draft of my briefing (scheduled for Monday at 1145-1230
>EST) to the RDF Interest Group [1] is now available [2].
>I'd particularly appreciate any quick feedback on my new
>language feature matrix [3].

The first/rest idea originated with LISP but is widely used; LISP is 
considered oldfashioned in many quarters, so it might be better 
politically not to say "LISP-like" explicitly(?)

Don't say that we will 'support higher-order logic'. It is provably 
impossible to support higher-order logic: the set of valid sentences 
in HOL is not R.E. We will be very lucky to support all of 
first-order logic.


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