Re: Joint Committee telecon today 20 February

From: Peter F. Patel-Schneider (
Date: 02/20/01

As a (major) point of clarification, just what are we supposed to be doing
with respect to concrete types?  

I can think of several things, in order of decreasing comfort (to me):

1/ Voting on the general proposal, which I take to be:
   - adding (some subset of) XML Schema datatypes to DAML+OIL
   - soft separation between datatype domain and abstract domain
   - new scheme for inputting and storing datatypes

2/ Discussing the specifics of the proposal, which could include:
   - the names of the various new stuff
   - how much of XML Schema datatypes to include

3/ Voting on the specifics of the proposal

4/ Discussing all the various proposals to add datatypes to DAML+OIL

4/ Discussing the general idea of adding datatypes to DAML+OIL


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