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Date: 01/16/01

OTC HOT PICKS previous BUY ALERTS have gained over 367 % !!!

Congratulations to those that participated in our previous alerts:
ECEC from $ .05 to $ .93, PCOM from $1.53 to $3.56,
and GWRX from $1.31 to $3.97!

Clements Golden Phoenix Enterprises, Inc.
BUY AT $ .75


Clements Golden Phoenix Enterprises (CPHX) is capitalizing on China's recent
acceptance into the World Trade Organization (WTO) coupled with the lifting
of a 20-year ban on importing American citrus, thus creating perhaps the
most financially explosive opportunity ever in that nation.
These perfectly timed political maneuvers have vaulted CPHX into the
position of becoming the "Minute Maid" or "Tropicana" of China to the
country's 1.2 BILLION people.

A key element in the purchase of CPHX shares is that the stock is extremely
undiscovered and undervalued. During the 2 months that shares have been
trading, market conditions have limited the exposure of CPHX to new
investors. Even a 2 for 1 (forward) split in early October went practically
unnoticed. This enhances the opportunity for profit with CPHX trading near
its low while revenues soar!

Armed with major U.S. and Chinese political backing, CPHX has partnered with
the largest dairy and consumer foods distributors throughout China. The
exclusive licensing and distribution awarded to CPHX follows the  Government
of China's program to make citrus products and juices more readily available
and affordable while promoting the awareness of health and nutrition. As
China makes rapid leaps to catch up to worldwide standards, China has
addressed the fact that it's citrus production is less than one-fourth of
what the U.S. produces while having 5 times the population.

Market research performed by Tropicana Juices owned by PepesiCo (NYSE: PEP)
and Minute Maid owned by Coca Cola (NYSE: KO) have forecast annual sales of
citrus products to be in the $BILLIONS for a nation in a frenzy for the
fresh fruits and juices they have gone so long without. The vast, "wide
open" citrus market will eventually lead to joint ventures, partnerships, or
perhaps much more in the future between the major players in this arena now
that ground has been broken.

Recent Price: $ .75
52 Week High/Low: $4.13 - $ .63
Shares Outstanding: 28.5 Million
Float: 1.5 Million
Target Price: $5.50

The expectation of astronomical sales is bolstered by China's friendly
attitude and environment towards CPHX to capture significant market share.
As a new WTO member, the eyes of many nations are tracking China's handling
and progress of citrus importation. This includes the drastic lowering of
tariffs on citrus, juices, and frozen concentrate to keep in line with the
standard trade practices of other WTO member nations.

Our research on CPHX clearly reveals that its exponential growth has not yet
been noticed by investors. Increased attention with expanding volume is
expected as strong company news is released. We anticipate many other well
known newsletters will also be exposing CPHX to their subscribers in the
near term. With its low float and undervalued stock price, CPHX has the
potential to outperform even our best recommendations in the past few

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