Semantics questions

From: Lynn Andrea Stein (
Date: 01/09/01

These comments are based on, which may not be the
current version.  Also, I'm not entirely sure what forum this should
go to, so my apologies if this is too narrowly sent; you may freely
forward it to a more appropriate forum.

I have some questions about the relationships between IC, IR, and IO.
It seems clear to me that for this semantics to pertain to
DAML-in-RDF, the domains of these three functions cannot be disjoint.
(As I understand it, classes, restrictions, and relationships are all
individuals in RDF.) 

Thus, it seems to me that equivalentTo constrains not just IC but also

Also, if samePropertyAs is supposed to be a subPropertyOf
equivalentTo, equivalentTo ought to constrain IR as well.

Also (reasonably unrelated), shouldn't the definition of inverseOf use
an iff?:

<inverseOf, ?R, ?S> should be defined as

	<x,y> in IR(?R)    *iff*    <y,x> in IR(?S)


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