Re: (Part 2) Where did these syntax constraints come from?

From: pat hayes (
Date: 01/09/01

>TBL> <restrictedBy>
>TBL>   <Restriction>
>TBL>      <hasValue>
>TBL> I hoped that the english would improve.  It is still really
>TBL> non-evident from the markup what the restriction is. Also, it is a
>TBL> wasteful use of markup. It is an example of excessive reification.
>TBL> But I can't think of a better alternative.
>Yes, it's not pretty. If you have a better idea, say it NOW, or it will
>be frozen.

Well, how about just eliminating the <Restriction> brackets, which as 
far as I can see serve no useful purpose:


and eliminating </Restriction> at the other end? We know this is a 
restriction since it follows <restrictedBy>, so why do we have to say 
so again?

>(Actually, if you read
>     <subClassOf>
>       <Restriction>
>          <hasValue>
>It already sounds a lot better!)

But its just as much wasted typing.

Pat Hayes

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