Re: about vs. ID

From: Mike Dean (
Date: 01/07/01

My opinion (written before Frank's latest message):

I used only about= in most of the DAML I've generated, but
have come to believe that ID= is the preferred idiom
(especially for Classes and Properties).  ID= simplifies
the naming issues and signals the author's intent that this
is the "primary" definition of the object.  Conversely,
about= signals the author's intent that he is making an
assertion about "someone else's" object.

Two IDs can exist for a given URI only in the same page.  A
DAML Validator should issue a warning if multiple IDs exist
for the same name.  It should also probably suggest that


be replaced with


I think DAML+OIL should continue to support both ID= and
about= and that "best practice" should encourage the
appropriate use of both.


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