Re: New version of walk-through available

From: Frank van Harmelen (
Date: 01/07/01


Thanks for your suggestions on the walkthru. I've incorporated all of them, with the following proviso's:

[1] I've renamed properties to "hasFather" etc, and not to "has-father", since the W3C folk don't like hyphens. 

[2] I'd love to include/point to Ora's minimalist guide to RDF, but cannot find it in a few obvious places. Can you point me to it? (or Ora?)

[3] The only suggestion I've not taken over is:
> on the introduction of hasClassQ (and maxcardinalityQ), i suggest adding an
> example after the mention that one could have jobs other than those that
> are fullTimeOccupations.
because I think this point is rather too subtle for a "first glance at the language", and it also makes it awkward to keep daml+oil-ex.daml and the walkthrough in sync. 

The result is to be found at
(or at as soon as Mike moves it over) (Mike?)

(Since Deb's email is an excellent change-log, I didn't bother to mark the changes  this time). 


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