Re: Avoiding exposed content in DAM+OIL

From: Stefan Decker (
Date: 12/27/00


after checking with the RDF Spec I discovered another bug.
While my last email contained valid RDF, the value of XML attributes
are treated like strings, not resources.
#father, however, is a resource - so Ian's suggestion does unfortunately 
not work.

The following productions taken from the RDF Spec are relevant here:
<quote >
   [16] propAttr       ::= propName '="' string '"'
                           (with embedded quotes escaped)
   [17] typedNode      ::= '<' typeName idAboutAttr? propAttr* '/>'
                         | '<' typeName idAboutAttr? propAttr* '>'
                               property* '</' typeName '>'
the value of propAttr is a String.

The following would work:

      <Restriction cardinality="1">
          <onProperty rdf:resource="#father"/>

but isn't as nice...



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