From: Jerry Hobbs (hobbs@ISI.EDU)
Date: 11/17/03

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    The OWL-Space (formerly DAML-Space) effort has gone through a long
    period of quiesence, due primarily to a lack of adequate funding here.
    This problem isn't entirely solved, but here at ISI we have money that
    will allow Tom Russ and me to pursue it in a serious way for the next
    few months.  That should at least get it well launched.
    The first order of business is to bug those people who agreed to (or
    suggested they might) send out a list of their requirements.  I won't
    name names, since I've been the most derelict of the bunch.  But we
    hope to come up with an initial specification in a week or two of what
    needs to be covered and the more requirements statements we have by
    then the better it will be.  
    It would also be good to get an updated list of spatial reasoning
    resources that are available at various places, and an updated list of
    similar efforts we should coordinate with.
    -- Jerry

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