Re: DAML-Space slides and request for requirements (Jerry Hobbs)

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Date: 05/16/03

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    Subject: Re: DAML-Space slides and request for requirements
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    A reminder of a reminder.  I sent this out on April 15 and haven't got
    very many replies yet.  I understand busy, but it's pretty important 
    to start the space ontology effort with a good list of requirements.
    >  A reminder.  Some of you promised (or were coerced) to send to
    > daml-spatial a description of the spatial representation and reasoning
    > requirements of the application you are working on, of about one page.
    > (Two pages is worse than one page, not better.)  As follows:
    > Rusty Bobrow:  the BBN flight plan application
    > Dan Connolly:  the travel system
    > Peter Haglich:  HORUS
    > Richard Waldinger:  the Alexandrian Digital Library
    > Also I pressured Pat Hayes to send 5 to 10 examples of statements from
    > cell biology that would challenge a space ontology.
    > Any other contributions welcome.
    -- Jerry

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