Re: Examples of use of DAML Services

From: David Martin (
Date: 03/15/02

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    John -
    I second Terry's apology for the slow response to your question.
    I think it's fair to say that several members of the DAML-S coalition intend
    to produce DAML-S services in connection with the Experiment, depending of
    course on the Experiment requirements and scenarios as they evolve.  There is
    also some exploration under way to see if it would be useful to use DAML-S to
    tie in with the CoABS Grid.
    Also, we've just begun talking to a commercial company (called WAND), which
    appears to have a leading position in providing product and service
    directories/ontologies, to determine if we could translate their existing
    service ontology into DAML-S.  This could lead to a tie-in with UDDI, or
    rather, strengthen the tie-in already started by CMU.
    - David
    "Terry R. Payne" wrote:
    > John,
    >         sorry for the delay.  We are/will be generating a number
    > of DAML services as part of the DAML-S experiments (including
    > flight reservation services - such as BravoAir [1]; we are also
    > working on several others such as rail or boat resevervations
    > and car hire, hotel/hostal/b&b reservations and restaurant
    > reservations to explore how agnets can construct task plans
    > that combine the execution of several services).
    > In addition, we are marking up some of the agents previously
    > used as part of the CoABS project (e.g. the Route-Planning
    > Agent (RPA) and weather agents).
    > Finally, we are developing several smaller translation services
    > (e.g. [2]) to automatically convert concepts marked up in one
    > ontology into another understood by the Retsina Calendar Agent.
    >         Terry
    > [1]
    > [2]
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    > John - We will be providing a DAML Articulation Service within the month
    > that builds mappings between DAML ontolgoies. E.g. It builds a third
    > ontology C that says "(A:thing1 daml:equivalentTo B:thing2)".  DAML-S will
    > also be available which describes it.
    > - Lewis
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    > All,
    > Murray is finalizing his brief to the Director and we are looking for
    > examples of current, or planned, actual use of DAML Services.
    > Thanks,
    > John
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