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Monday, December 3, 2001
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<http://www.sys-con.com/webservices/articleblast.cfm?id=111> Sean Rhody:
Probably the question that is on almost everybody's mind is, what are Web
services? I know I have a whole magazine devoted to answering that question,
but I think one of the most interesting parts of the magazine is that the
answers are different for different people and from different people. So to
start things off I'll go down and ask each of the panelists that question.
In your mind, Barry, what are Web services?
The hottest buzz on Web services took place at Web Services Edge 2001 West
during the CEO Panel discussion. Panel participants (back row, left to
right): Annrai O'Toole, Chairman, Cape Clear; Sean Rhody, panel moderator
and editor-in-chief, Web Services Journal; Dirk Slama, CEO, Shinka
Technologies; Greg O'Connor, President, Sonic Software; (front row) Ali
Kutay, founder of WebLogic and CEO, AltoWeb; Eileen Richardson, President
and CEO, Infravio; and Barry Morris, CEO, Iona Technologies.

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Barry Morris: I would think we all kind of know what Web services are or we
wouldn't be here. Let me give you sort of an overview. From a high level, it
is a little bit like today's Web when you can put up a Web page and make it
accessible to lots of people, that kind of notion of publishing a Web page
to lots of people. Supposing you could do that with generic system assets,
be they transactions or whatever. That is what I think about as fundamental
concepts in Web services and obviously a whole bunch of standards associated
with that. I think what is really important about it, three things that are
really important about itů
The first is that you've got this, this is really a set of trends,
multidecade trends that have been in the industry now for some time moving
towards openness, towards standards, towards more and more dynamic
interaction, towards loose coupling, towards methodology. A whole bunch of
things like that and trends which are in some ways democratizing the
=!ie4;abr=!ie5;sz=150x400;ord=%5Btimestamp%5D?> Alt Text
=!ie4;abr=!ie5;sz=150x400;ord=%5Btimestamp%5D?> The second key thing, of
course, is I think its unprecedented support from the industry. There have
been very few technologies ever, I think maybe ASCII was the last one, that
had support from every single competing manufacturer and software company.
So you are seeing something which is guaranteed to succeed. It has that kind
of effort behind it. I think the most significant thing, I compare it to the
way the PC industry took on what was the mainframe and mini computer world.
It completely broke apart the industry. Broke apart the power bases; it
broke apart the economics of the industry, completely changed who were the
leaders in the industry, and I think that is what we are looking at here in
the context of Web services.
Sean: Thanks, Barry. Dirk, what's your view?
Dirk Slama: I think Web services are really more an evolutionary step
forward than really this brand new paradigm or revolutionary thinking. In
the history of DCD and CORBA, EJB and Web services, I think we are still
trying to solve the same problem, distributed systems. So looking at Web
services as a term, there are two things to me. It is Web, basically
leveraging existing Web infrastructure which is good, like Barry said, it is
open, Web infrastructure these days being inside the enterprise and outside
the enterprise. So that is what people want to use. And then services.
Services are for me really, well, I think we had RSQ with distributed
objects for building systems. I think a lot of people felt that was still
too much rocket science. A lot of people had problems building distributed
systems and distributed objects. Services means it is a step back towards a
very simple, RPC-based, document-centric approach. I think that it
simplifies things. ( continued...
<http://www.sys-con.com/webservices/articleblast.cfm?id=111> )

 FROM THE EDITOR <http://www.sys-con.com/webservices/article.cfm?id=93>

Shine a Little Light
<http://www.sys-con.com/webservices/article.cfm?id=93> by Sean Rhody

<http://www.sys-con.com/webservices/article.cfm?id=93> I'm showing my age,
but a number of years ago ELO released an album entitled "Discovery." One of
the songs was entitled "Shine a Little Light," which is apropos for this
month's editorial since our feature focus for this edition is Discovery.
I took part in a panel discussion on Web services during our Web Services
Edge East show in New York City at the end of September. A number of very
august industry representatives joined me, including James Gosling, Rick
Ross, and David Litwack. The panel covered a number of topics that are on
the minds of anyone considering Web services, and one of the topics that
received a great deal of attention was Discovery.( continued...
<http://www.sys-con.com/webservices/article.cfm?id=93> )


IONA and Baan Form Alliance
IONA, a leading e-business platform provider for Web services has entered
into an OpenWorld Network Program Alliance agreement with Baan, the global
provider of B2B collaborative commerce solutions and a unit of the Invensys
Software Systems division of Invensys plc. This agreement certifies IONA
Orbix E2A with the iBaan OpenWorld integration technology framework and
allows IONA to build new, certified Baan adapters, and license these
adapters and interfaces to its customers. Users of IONA's Orbix E2A Web
Services Integration Platform will be able to quickly and easily integrate
with iBaan enterprise solutions. The iBaan OpenWorld technology framework is
a key part of Baan's integrated, but open development strategy. This
next-generation EAI technology framework provides a flexible and
feature-rich solution that transforms disparate applications into an
environment for e-business and customer fulfilment, with powerful business
process controls, strategic modeling, business process re-engineering and
automatic application configuration capabilities. www.iona.com
<http://www.iona.com>  www.baan.com <http://www.baan.com>


Borland Delivers New Platform for Hosted Software Development
Borland Software Corporation has announced the availability of Borland
TeamSource DSP (Development Services Platform). This new platform is a
hosted service that enables software development across the firewall.
TeamSource DSP speeds application development by bridging teams distributed
across function, locations and companies. Initial services include secure
source code management and integrated business messaging for use by
distributed teams of all sizes. TeamSource DSP leverages J2EE, emerging Web
Services standards, and secure HTTP to provide a best-in-class hosted
development solution. For access to services, customers can use the
applications provided by TeamSource DSP as well as plug-ins to work with
popular development environments. www.borland.com <http://www.borland.com> .


Microsoft Announces .NET Best Student Awards 2001
Microsoft Corp. has announced the .NET Best Student Awards 2001, an XML Web
services contest that challenges North American college and university
students to develop new XML Web services applications for their .NET
Platform. It will recognize student developers, working singly or as teams,
who use industry-standard protocols such as XML, SOAP, WSDL and UDDI
innovatively to deliver the best applications and solutions with Microsoft
.NET. The contest is targeted to students in the United States and Canada,
excluding Quebec, and will award over $60,000 in cash, scholarship
contributions, and prizes to students whose Web services are selected.
www.msdnaa.net/wscontest/ <http://www.msdnaa.net/wscontest/> .


Decision Support and Transoft Alliance Offer
Web Services Platform for Legacy Applications
Decision Support Inc., an innovator in disparate data integration, reporting
and decision support tools, and services to the mainframe and open systems
market, has formed a reseller alliance with Transoft, a leading
international provider of application transformation, integration and
assembly products and services. The agreement grants worldwide resale rights
to Transoft for Decision Support's DQpowersuite, its set of real-time,
cross-platform data access and reporting tools. The agreement gives Decision
Support's customers access to the Transoft Intelligent Adapter product set,
which enables organizations to use standards-based interfaces, such as XML,
JavaBeans, and COM to access business logic and data within legacy
applications. www.decisionsupport.com <http://www.decisionsupport.com>
www.transoft.com <http://www.transoft.com>

 JDJ Ranks #1 In Evans Data Developer Survey

( Yahoo <http://biz.yahoo.com/iw/011113/01034581_1.html> ) ( Internet Wire
<http://www1.internetwire.com/iwire/release_html_b1?release_id=34581> ) (
Developers Who Use Java And Surveyed By Evans Data Corporation Selected Java
Developer's Journal As The "Most Trusted Developer Publication" Among All
Developer Magazines
<http://www.sys-con.com/2001/PR/code.cfm?page=11132001> Java Developer's
Journal has been ranked number 1 as "the most trusted developer publication"
among developers who use Java. The research results were published in the
Evans Data Developer Marketing Patterns 2001 Annual Report, an independent
market research report prepared by Evans Data Corporation, a leading market
research firm serving software and developer markets. ( continued...
<http://www.sys-con.com/2001/PR/code.cfm?page=11132001> )

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WSJ's December issue includes articles by Robert McGarvey on "Where to
Invest for Your Web Services Strategy: Java or .NET?", Charles Stack on
"Effective Web Services," and Hitesh Seth on setting the standards for the
tools and technology of .NET, We also have a special focus on Discovery,
with articles from Karsten Januszewski on UDDI versus WSDL; Alan Conway on
distributed objects and Web services; Mike Richardson with an introduction
to WSDL, and Hal Stern on second-generation portals delivering Web services.
And, Colin Evans of OASIS writes about Web services as the true promise of
the Internet.


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