Proposed modifications to Service.daml & Telecon???

From: Terry R. Payne (
Date: 06/05/01

	one of my concerns about the profile is that one needs to be able
to refer back to the process model and the service itself from the profile.
In current profile files, I include not only instantiations of the profile
itself, but include instantiations for the service and a link to the
process model [1][2].  However, I feel we need a more explicit links
between components, other than the "supports", "implements" etc.

I've augmented the Service ontology [3] to include inverse relations, such
as "isPresentedBy", that would allow a profile to provide a reference to
a service.  See

I'm not sure how people feel about incremental updates to the DAML-S
release, but until it is released to the broader community, I believe
we should make sure that it is up to date.  So I advocate that if there
are no objections, that we consider using this new Service ontology.

Also, I've not seen much in the way of feedback from the broader ws
community, or even from within our community on this release, and yet
Katia and I keep identifying errors and ambiguities within the work.
What is the current status of the weekly telecons, and do we plan to
progress further over the next month prior to the PI meeting?  Has
anyone considered how this is going to be showcased?


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