RE: DAML-S Draft Release now available

From: Terry R. Payne (
Date: 05/30/01

	I took a quick look at the released material...

1) Technical Overview
	- Figure 2 refers to contracting a Composite Process, not
	  collapsing it.  Also refers to properties using uppercase,
	  and doesn't mention the "parameter" property.

2) Walkthrough
	- Walkthrough for profile incomplete.  Ok, my fault, but
	  will be done real soon now :)

3) service.daml
	- Illegal xml: it still has those long "-------" lines.
	- Namespace - this refers to the namespace at SRI.  Shouldn't
	  this now refer to the one at

4) process.daml
	- Namespace - SRI (see 1).

5) Congo.daml
	- References to the service model at SRI; also namespace for
	  service and process model at SRI (see 1).
	- OneShotBuy is not defined.

6) Process Model
	- no link, but nearly there.  Should be finished updating this tonight :)

7) Yahoo (both simple and composite)
	- looks like the might be using an out of date process model:
		Refers to process:Event
		Refers to process:inputs
		Refers to "Process" in local namespace, but undefined
	- namespaces appearing in resources, i.e.
	  <rdfs:subPropertyOf rdf:resource="process:input" />
	  My understanding is that namespaces don't expand when enclosed
	  in quotes
	- Namespace - SRI (see 1).

People, ok so Jim wants us to get this out even if it's not complete,
but we should still try to avoid some of the above mistakes, especially
in the examples, as these are going to be what others use to base their
efforts on...

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