RFC: Trust and Context

From: Chris Bizer (chris@bizer.de)
Date: 12/18/03

Hi everybody on DAML-Security,

after nobody has mailed on this list for nearly 8 month, I would like to use
it for getting some feedback about my current work and maybe getting in
touch with other people working on similar topics.

In the context of my PhD thesis I did some brainstorming about trust,
context and the justification of query results. I ended up with:
- an extended RDF data model based on quintuples (a triple plus 2
additional elements: statement ID and context).
- a trust-oriented query language for this data model
- the concept of justification trees for tracking data provenance and
data lineage.

See: http://www.wiwiss.fu-berlin.de/suhl/bizer/trustcontextjustification/

My approach is much more data-oriented than the logic-oriented work of
McGuinness and da Silva pubished at ISWC 2003 [1]. But I think for SemWeb
applications which don't do heavy inferenceing such a data-oriented approach
could be sufficient.

Is somebody working on similar approaches?

Do you know any other groups working on the topic?
What do you think about extending the RDF model for capturing context?
What do you think about the approach in general?

I'm looking forward to any feedback :-)




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