FW: Question on containers (On behalf of Luis Mota)

From: Brandon Amundson (bamundson@bbn.com)
Date: 07/11/02

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    From: Luís Mota [mailto:luis.mota@iscte.pt] 
    Sent: Wednesday, July 10, 2002 2:06 PM
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    Subject: Question on containers
    Hi everyone.
    Hope you can help on this one, because my knowledge of DAML+OIL and RDF
    is not perfect, and I have a very specific question.
    I'm developing an ontology for the AgentCities project.
    Somewhere in my onlology, I need to express that one class is a
    sequence/list of instances of another class. In the DAML walk-thru,
    collections are used, but not as sequences, and without any restriction
    concerning the class of the elements in the collection.
    Anyway, I looked at tge RDFSchema definition, and I think that I found a
    way of expressing what I want. I'm simply not sure if this is correct.
    Therefore, I would ask you if someone could take a look at my definition
    and give me his opinion...
    Let's say I have somo class defined in my ontology. In my example, it's
    a CartographicLocation, ie, a point on a map: <daml:Class
            <rdfs:comment>This class represents a geographic location,
    defined on a cartesian projection
            <rdfs:subClassOf rdf:resource="#Location"/> </daml:Class>
    Now, I want to define a class which is a sequence of cartographic
    locations. I think this can be done like this: <rdfs:Class
          <rdfs:comment xml:lang="en">An ordered collection of Cartographic
          <rdfs:subClassOf >
                      <daml:toClass rdf:resource="#CartographicLocation"/>
         </rdfs:subClassOf >
    This means (as far as I can see) that the range of the member property
    must, in this class, be a CartographicLocation. Is this correct?
    Well, I'll appreciate any comment on this...
    Best regards, Luís Mota

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