Re: Question on DAML + OIL: sufficient and necessary conditions for a class

From: Muthukkaruppan ANNAMALAI (
Date: 07/21/01

>Hi Lowie,
>       I was checking the daml +oil language and while doing so
>the following thing intrigued me. When working with ontologies one
>can say that a class description contains the sufficient and
>necessary conditions for this class.  RDF contains a property
>called "isDefinedBy", although the usage there is also not clear
>to me.
     rdfs:isDefinedBy is a property used to point at the resource
     providing containing the definition about the class domain
     (c.f.  rdfs:seeAlso).

>       Does Daml+Oil have a system for these things or are all
>descriptions always assumed to meet the necessary and sufficient
     rdfs:subClassOf is used to indicate a necessary condition,
     while DAML uses daml:intersectionOf or daml:equvalentTo to
     enforce the necessary and sufficient condition.

     Now, reverting to the question which I posed earlier....

     I understand that the daml:imports is being used only to
     indicate that an external ontology definition maybe refered
     within another ontology; just like a "comment" statement.
     Tell me if I am wrong, in which case are there any benefits
     that can be derived of the imports statement?


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