Re: Clarification

From: Mike Dean (
Date: 10/18/00

I'm sorry for the delay in responding.

> Who is the correct person to ask questions on DAML? Which individual? group?

We've just setup for asking questions
without broadcasting to a large group.

General public discussion is taking place on the email list.  The archives are available

> Real Question is:
>   I created a genetic anthology for Siamese cats.  So a logical query
> (inference) would be:
> "Give me all male/female pairs, that when breed, produce a blue point
> kitten."
> Genetically, I know that if the mother and father are blue points, then the
> kitten can be a blue or lilac point.
> Not sure how to express the above rule in DAML.  Can you recommend some
> documentation and/or example of expressing inference rules, like the one
> above?  Is it a matter of expression everything as unions and intersection
> of set?

One of our planned next steps is to develop a DAML-Rule
extension of DAML-ONT that will allow such statements (I

This is probably a good question for www-rdf-logic, which I
think will benefit from some concrete examples.

BTW, we use the term ontology rather than anthology.



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