Re: ? on Assignment #1

From: Mike Dean (
Date: 10/12/00

> I just started at JHU APL, so I'm a little green. :-)


> I've looked at the example anthology (daml-ex.daml).  My userstanding is
> that we can use
> this anthology to create documents or write our own anthogy for the
> documents.

You can use the classes and properties from this ontology,
but will probably want to also define new ones (e.g.
Project, Company, worksFor, etc.) in your own ontology file.
A given DAML file can reference multiple

> The part I missed is:  What is the syntax I use to create my DAML document?
> If I want to say,
>  "Larry is a person with father Lanny and mother Jeanette"


  <Male ID="Lanny"/>

  <Female ID="Jeanette"/>

  <Person ID="Larry">
    <father resource="#Lanny"/>
    <mother resource="#Jeanette"/>



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