From: Hart, Lewis (
Date: 10/30/01

Version 0.6 of the GRCI DAML API has been posted to [1]. 

The two major changes from V0.5.2 are:

- All properties of the DAMLResource class are now in its properties list,
including multiple types and super classes/properties.
- A separate ontology manger class, DAMLOntoMan, has been created to manage
instances and alias. 

Other changes are in the updated Java docs.

This email is being sent to all who are using or expressed interest in using
our DAML API. In the future, release announcements will only be sent to the mailing list. Please subscribe to this list, instructions
at [2],  if you would like to be notified of future releases and other
activity regarding DAML APIs. Continue to send GRCI DAML API specific
questions to, copying the list if desired. 

The source code for the GRCI implementation can now be made available for
DAML researchers. Please contact me directly if you are interested.

Regards - Lewis

Lewis L Hart
GRC International                
1900 Gallows Rd.                  Voice (703)506-5938
Vienna, Va 22182                    Fax (703)556-4261

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