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From: Brandon Amundson (
Date: 07/31/01

Greetings All -

Let me start off  the DAML-API list by suggesting we work on consensus for
an Java interface. Not that we would want to define _THE_ DAML API, but
agreement on a core API (core set of APIs maybe?) would greatly facilitate
tool development.

As a starting point I will propose  the interfaces classes defined in the
GRCI DAML-API.  The Java docs for these, and our implementation of them,
can be found at URL [1].

Some issues that immediately come to mind are:

- How does this  initial DAML API proposal fit the its use?

- What other implementations are available and needed?  We have implemented
a fast  in memory one model, but also need  a database backed version for
large models, and one that keeps an underlying RDF model? Others?

- There is currently an interface of the DAML API to JESS [2]. Do we/can we
implement an interface to XSB?

- Which RDF models and parsers to use? Our version uses the Stanford RDF API
[3], but  a  Jena RDF [4]  interface would be nice to have as well.

- What Java applications are available that could easily be updated to use a
consensus interface? What other tools would be needed?

Regards - Lewis

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