Re: End of DAML Project

From: Austin Tate (
Date: 01/05/06

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    At 16:50 05/01/2006, you wrote:
    >The DAML project is coming to an end.  At the end of January the 
    >DAML web site and all of it's components will be taken offline.  The 
    >equipment will be turned back into the government.  We will be 
    >archiving the DAML web site at the end of the month.  Please 
    >consider downloading anything that you will need before the 30th of 
    >January, after that it will not be available.
    Tiger, I thought that housed several ontologies which were 
    meant to be available essentially permanently.  What's the 
    arrangement to continue to host the domain and all long 
    lived material?  Austin

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