Re: End of DAML Project

From: Deborah L. McGuinness (
Date: 01/05/06

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    this means that you are taking down the resources before many of us are 
    preparing our final reports.
    I am not sure that we will all be able to anticipate everything we need 
    now well before we prepare the final reports.
    is there a way to make the archive accessible through at least the end 
    of the funded contracts so that we do not all need to individually 
    archive and there can be one archive that we all may access?
    Tiger Rhoades wrote:
    > All,
    >             The DAML project is coming to an end.  At the end of 
    > January the DAML web site and all of it's components will be taken 
    > offline.  The equipment will be turned back into the government.  We 
    > will be archiving the DAML web site at the end of the month.  Please 
    > consider downloading anything that you will need before the 30th of 
    > January, after that it will not be available.
    > Tiger Rhoades
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