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From: Jim Hendler (hendler@cs.umd.edu)
Date: 06/17/04

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    (This is way too cross posted, so after my one shot, this blast, I 
    will not reply to any email sent to more than one group at a time)
    At 12:49 +0200 6/17/04, Jean-Luc Delatre wrote:
    >Is the Semantic Web a realistic endeavour
    >or just a SCAM aimed at collecting funds
    >from research, VCs or otherwise?
    Oh my G-d, they're on to us!  Better tell all those folks at IBM, HP, 
    Adobe, Sun, Cisco, Fujitsu, Microsoft, Nokia, etc. etc. to stop 
    pretending to do this stuff!!!  :->
    Of course, if the author is open-minded enough to try, he could look 
    at the testimonials that came out with Owl and RDF [1] from people at 
    many places who are using this technology for real, could explore 
    some of the uses in current systems (I'd suggest Adobe XMP as a 
    start) and could talk to some of the people actually doing this stuff 
    before sending our such a ridiculous ad hominem attack
    In fact, here's my challenge - I'll bet that by the end of this 
    calendar year there will be RDF and/or OWL on over 10 
    million-accessible resources, that a search engine will be available 
    that indexes at lover
    250,000 web pages with RDF or OWL on them and finds at least 20M RDF 
    triples on these pages, that OWL ontologies with over 10,000 classes 
    are available on line, and that at least one major software vendor 
    will announce an ontology management system.  What's more, I'll bet 
    any amount of money anyone wishes that this will be the case [2]
    [1] http://www.w3.org/2004/01/sws-testimonial
    [2] note, before you bet you might want to consider that all of these 
    are already true, so my bet is a pretty sure thing.  cf: Adobe's XMP, 
    Geoff Chappell's search engine, the NCI ontology (and OpenCyc), and 
    IBM's SNObase.
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