DAML PI Meeting - OntoWeb 5 Beach Barbeque

From: jhoward(contr-ixo) (jhoward@snap.org)
Date: 10/07/03

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    OntoWeb 5 is hosting a Beach Barbecue at the Sundial Resort at 8:00 PM on
    the evening of Friday, October 17, after the Joint Session of the OntoWeb
    and DAML PI Meeting.  This is an OntoWeb event to which DAML PI Meeting
    attendees have been invited.  The cost is around  40 per person (about
    $45).  The cost of the barbeque is not included in the DAML PI Meeting
    registration fee.  We are providing transportation to and from the Joint
    Session, but can not provide return transportation after the barbeque.
    Please make arrangements to return to the South Seas Resort with some one
    who has a rental car, or alternately, taxi service from Sanibel Taxi is
    available at a cost of about $25-$30.
    If you would like to attend the barbeque, please email Jos de Bruijn at
    jos.de-bruijn@uibk.ac.at by this Friday, 10 October.  You may pay Jos when
    you arrive at the barbeque.
    John J. Howard, IXO SETA
    Schafer Corporation
    3811 North Fairfax Drive
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    Arlington, VA  22203
    Phone: 703-516-6021
    Cell: 703-298-4754
    Fax: 703-516-6065
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