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From: mburke (mburke@darpa.mil)
Date: 07/12/02

This conflicts with AAAI but here is the info anyway.  Many of you will
probably receive this from several PMs.

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Feel free to forward:

DARPATech 2002 is DARPA's symposium on current themes and projects
throughout all offices at DARPA, and will take place July 30 - August 2 in
Anaheim, California, at the Anaheim Marriott
<http://www.marriott.com/epp/default.asp?MarshaCode=LAXAH> .  The symposium
is intended for decision-makers in companies and research institutions,
technologists, corporate investment strategists, and members of the military
interested in transitioning technology. The registration fee is $650 per
attendee, and online registration ends on July 19 (thereafter, one can
register at the door, but you will have to make your own hotel
arrangements).  Your organization is likely to want to send representatives
in order to track DARPA directions and interests, and to bring innovative
ideas to DARPA attendees.  Please see the DARPA web page
http://www.darpa.mil <http://www.darpa.mil/>  under DARPATech 2002
(http://www.darpa.mil/DARPATech2002/ <http://www.darpa.mil/DARPATech2002/> )
for more information, and to register online for the symposium (and to make
hotel reservations at favorable rates). Questions about content may be sent
to darpa_tech_02@darpa.mil <mailto:darpa_tech_02@darpa.mil> .

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