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Date: 06/04/02

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Tuesday, June 4th, 2002 - Issue 7

New Stories:

DAML Semantic Search Server enhancements

The DAML Semantic Search Service (ASCS) now supports queries that retrieve
and integrate information from multiple sources (namespaces). One example is
(?X, name, AFGHANISTAN)(?X population ?Pop). Please visit or the advanced version at

Semantic Web for Military Users conference

The third Semantic Web for Military Users (SWMU) conference was held at the
Navy Warfare Development Center (NWDC) in Newport, RI. during April
15th –17th. The conference was by invitation only and explored opportunities
for the application of DAML technology to military problems.

DAML Experiment

DAML technologies are being integrated into a prototype system to support
the Joint Task Force Commander and his staff in selecting candidate targets
that best satisfy the specific goals and objectives for a military
operation. The resulting prototype system is called the Semantic Operational
Net Assessment Tool (SONAT). U.S. Government personnel are eligible to
receive access to the web-based SONAT prototype. Contact John Flynn
<> .

DAML Ontology Translation Server comes on line

Yale University, in collaboration with Kestrel Institute and BBN
Technologies, has developed an ontology translation server for use in
translating data using one set of DAML ontologies into data using another
set. This is a crucial step toward semantic interoperability, the ability
for agents to communicate in spite of using different ontologies. The
service is currently accessible at, but it is planned to bring a
more agent-oriented version online soon. The way the server works is that it
maintains a set of merged ontologies that serve to bridge among the
ontologies users want to use. The current library of merged ontologies is
small but growing. Prospective users are encouraged to give feedback about
the domains they need to do translation in.

Cycorp releases beta OpenCyc for Linux

Cycorp has released the beta OpenCyc version 0.6 for Linux on SourceForge.
See <>  for the download link
and documentation. This version contains the Cyc ontology browser and
deductive inference engine, but does not yet incorporate the DAML ontology
translation service. An included java program exports selected portions of
the KB to DAML. Cycorp is pleased with the stability and usefulness of the
release, having over 7,000 downloads to date.

DAML at conferences

The Semantic Web generated a lot of buzz at the Eleventh International World
Wide Web Conference (WWW 2002) in Honolulu, which included two workshops, a
refereed paper track, and a Developer’s Day track devoted to the Semantic
Web. Papers presented by DAML researchers have been added to the DAML
Publications page on <> . There was a
definite sense that the Semantic Web is becoming real. Of particular note
was the announcement of the open source TAP system, which makes its
knowledge base available in HTML (example), DAML+OIL (example), RDFS, and
MCF formats.

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