New features of DAML Semantic Search

From: Adam Pease (
Date: 04/19/02

   We'd like to announce a new version of our Agent Semantic Communication 
Service (ASCS) that supports semantic search on DAML content. Our advanced 
version of the search service is deployed at 
<>.  The older and 
somewhat simpler version remains available at 

- To give the advanced users more query expressiveness, we developed a new
version of the GUI with a multiple namespace selection feature.  The new
GUI allows the advanced users to specify each word in their queries with
their intended namespaces.  The namespace can be a variable, a blank (for
literals), or any specific one in the knowledge base.  Different objects in
a query also can have different namespaces.

- To satisfy the users' requests, we developed new features to retain the
previous query, to help the users to get acquainted with the available
namespaces in the server, and to show them the vocabulary for each
namespace.  These new features are all implemented in the advanced version.

- To minimize the redundancy and omission of contents in the knowledge base
due to crawling, we revised our method of calling ARP/Jena in our crawler.
In addition, we unified the indices for namespaces when their physical file
names, internal and external references are different - a tough issue
encountered by other web semantic search engine developers due to
free-style authoring and the fact that none of the parsers unify these
mutants.  Through unification, all namespaces referring to the same page
will appear as one.  It alleviates the query composer's burden to find the
right namespace among mutants, and reduces the redundancy of the responses
caused by this problem.

We welcome your feedback.

best regards,
Adam Pease and John Li

Adam Pease
(650) 424-0500 x571

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