From: Pat Hayes (
Date: 04/04/02

>We might take this discussion thread as a call to action to:
>1) develop the elevator pitch guha suggested (DAML adds critical 
>things to the broadly used XML)

In particular, what it does is make mechanically explicit (and hence 
useable by software) the informal social meaning conventions that 
underlie the use of XML tags, and are usually embedded in hard code. 
There's a very nice paper on this theme by Mike Uschold ("Where are 
the semantics in the semantic web?") which I believe will be 
appearing in AI Magazine.

>2) develop a few simple examples of daml in action (that people 
>might use as a template for their own quick prototypes)

In my admittedly limited experience, one of the DAML abilities that 
most impresses folk is its ability to conclude that two different 
descriptions refer to the same particular entity, using only rather 
general-purpose information, eg that the person with phone number 
850-2024416 is Pat Hayes. Since this cannot be done in RDFS, it it 
might be a useful way to boast about the utility of DAML inference.

>3) try to answer the hard questions jim brought up

I don't think we need to defend DAML against every possible 
alternative. More, we need to persuade people that there is something 
genuinely new here that can't be done any other way. Everyone already 
knows the advantages of there being only one standard, etc. etc.., 
once they realize that the entire issue is worth taking seriously.


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