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Date: 08/14/01

DAML Researchers:
   As you know, I am leaving DARPA in September.  I have loved my time 
here, and the DAML program has been one of the most exciting things 
I've ever done, but the time has come for me to return to the 
   Murray Burke, who runs DARPA's RKF program, will be taking over the 
DAML Program at the beginning of September.  Murray and I will be in 
touch with you in respect to details of the transition.  I believe 
Murray will do a great job, and urge you all to work with him as 
energetically as you've worked for me.
   As for my whereabouts, as of September 1st, I will be resuming my 
position as a Professor at the University of Maryland as well as 
taking a new position as the Director of Semantic Web and Agent 
Technologies at the newly formed Maryland Information and Network 
Dynamics Laboratory.  I will also be chairing the W3C Web Ontology 
Working Group which was announced formally today - see
  Again it has been a privilege and pleasure to work with you all, and 
thank you all for the great efforts on a great DARPA program
  Looking forward to hearing more great things from you in the future,
  Jim Hendler
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