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Monday, July 2, 2001 - Issue 3

New Stories:
DAML Services Released
DAML-S is a DARPA Agent Markup Language (DAML)-based Web service ontology
that supplies Web service providers with a core set of markup language
constructs for describing the properties and capabilities of their Web
services in unambiguous, computer-intepretable form. DAML-S markup of Web
services will facilitate the automation of Web service tasks including
automated Web service discovery, execution, composition and interoperation.
Following the layered approach to markup language development, the current
version of DAML-S builds on top of DAML+OIL (March 2001), providing an
expressive language for Web service markup in a language with a well-defined
semantics. Find out more about DAML-S at
Semantic Web for Military Users
DARPA hosted the first Semantic Web for Military Users conference at the
DARPA Technology Integration Center (TIC) on 6-7 June, 2001. Approximately
50 potential military users of DAML technology met to discuss how the use of
DAML could enhance specific military projects. Working groups on
Intelligence Applications; Doctrine Applications and Lessons Learned; and
Command and Control Applications considered key issues and planning for the
transition of DAML into applications in those domains of interest. The
results of the working group meetings and other information related to the
Semantic Web for Military Users conference can be found at
Automated Theorem Prover Used to Improve DAML+OIL.
The UBOT project
<>  has successfully applied its consistency
checking technology to the DAML+OIL axiomatic semantics, uncovering a number
of previously unsuspected inconsistencies. The UBOT ConsVISor consistency
checking tool can be used to check both ontologies and annotations.  It will
be available on the web for trial use in mid-July. See for more detailed information.
Initial Version of a DAML/XSLT Adapter Announced
The DAML/XSLT Adapter, developed by Booz Allen, allows users to convert an
arbitrary DAML document into another specific form of your choosing, such as
XML, HTML, WML, or any other form, using an XSL Style Sheet. The DAML
Adapter tool opens up the world of DAML to any user familiar with the
construction and use of XSL Style Sheets, but perhaps unfamiliar with the
DAML markup itself. It will even perform a default transformation of DAML to
representative XML, so that you can use your favorite Style Sheet Editor on
that XML to build your desired Style Sheet(s). This tool is currently
available as a downloadable Java component (API) with associated
documentation and "How To's", and will soon be available as an online WWW
service. Additional details and examples are available at

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