Demonstration Information for the PI Meeting

From: Harris, Brad (
Date: 06/28/01


Please note that a section on the DAML PI meeting website has been added for
the demonstrations:

I would like to reiterate that for the demonstrations, each PI group that
informs us ahead of time (via online registration), will be given a table,
chairs, powerstip, and an easel per request and we will bring a limited
number of foam-cores for posters in case of emergencies.

For any PI that has a Wireless PCMCIA card, their will be a wireless LAN
setup.  Also available are a limited number of "Air-Easy" plug and play
wireless internet adapters.

We will NOT be providing Printing for posters, LCD's, Monitors, Screens,
individual T1 connections, Mics, Spotlights, Dancers, Gypsies, or anything
else.  You are more than welcome to coordinate with the hotel in order to
pre-arrange any items that you are willing to pay for.  The hotel AV
department will be your best bet and can be reached by asking for them from
the main number of (603) 880-9100.

The closest office supply store is Kinkos (about 5 minutes away according to
the concierge):
Kinko's - Nashua NH, Amherst St
443 Amherst St
Nashua NH, 03063
Phone: (603) 595-2679
Fax: (603) 595-7770

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.  I will be
attempting to reach everyone that has already informed me that they wish to
do a demonstration in order to finalize the preparations / logistics.

Thanks all and see you in NH!

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