PI Meeting

From: Brandon Amundson (bamundson@bbn.com)
Date: 06/26/01


> Unfortunately, the Schafer server that hosts the registration web site for
> the PI meeting is experiencing DNS recognition problems.  Our offices
> moved over the weekend, and this is one of several complications we are
> experiencing.  
> However, the hotel still has a deadline for reserving rooms at the $89
> government rate.  
> Everyone that plans on attending the meeting and staying at the hotel must
> reserve their room ASAP by calling 603-880-9100.  If you fail to make the
> reservation cut-off date, the hotel room costs can be $150 / night or
> more.  
> If you wish to register for the conference online you may do so with the
> URL's below:
> DAML PI Meeting registration:
> Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, if you need further
> assistance, please contact me at 703-516-6088, or Laura Douglass at
> 703-516-6033.
> Thanks,
> Brad

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