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Date: 05/14/01

HotDAML Newsletter
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Monday, May 14, 2001 - Issue 2

New Stories:

UMBC is building ITTALKS
The University of Maryland, Baltimore County is developing ITTALKS, an
application which explores how DAML and semantic web technologies is helpful
in creating information portals on the web. ITTALKS is a portal for
announcements about talks, seminars and colloquia related to Information
Technology. It is organized around "domains" which typically are
organizations like universities, research laboratories or professional
groups. It is also possible to create domains that are focused on a
particular topic or set of topics. If you are interested in creating and
configuring an ITTALKS domain for your organization please contact Dr. Tim
Finin <> .  Learn more here <>

Dave Rager announces initial version of DAML Validator
Dave Rager, of BBN, has developed a validator for DAML ontologies and
markup. The validator reads in your DAML file and examines the code for a
variety of potential errors. It then provides you with a listing of errors,
a pointer to the errors in your file and some guidance on the nature of the
problem.  Try DAML Validator on your DAML markup
DAML for the Marines
A flight scheduling application is being developed by ISI for Marine Air
Group 13 in Yuma, AZ under a project called CAMERA. WebScripter is being
used for posting designs and adding comments in a decentralized fashion.
DAML content is added by a simple, easy-to-use forms-based user interface.
See more on WebScripter. <>
DAML chosen for Bioinformatics
The Bio-Ontologies Consortium, a working group consisting of leading
researchers from academia and industry in the pharmaceutical and
bioinformatics areas, has endorsed the DARPA Agent Markup Language (DAML) as
the “language of choice for the exchange of ontological information in
bioinformatics.” Robin McEntire of smith Kline Beecham, the chair of the
working group stated, ”Our conclusion is that DAML is a strong technical
candidate, but also is the most viable language with respect to adoption and
tool development.” The acceptance of DAML by the bioinformatics community is
significant, given the interest of the Department of Defense in biologically
related research and intelligence issues with respect to biology and weapons
of mass destruction.
CyCorp announces release of knowledge base in DAML format
The Cyc ontology will be released in several formats in order to promote the
widest adoption of this technology, and facilitate the seamless integration
of new and existing ontologies. One format will be Defense Advanced Research
Projects Agency’s (“DARPA”) Agent Markup Language (DAML), which adds
semantic statements on top of XML, and is currently being considered as a
standard for the W3C Semantic Web. Cycorp's release of this latest DARPA
technology may be the catalyst for the next such monumental technological
innovation after DARPA's invention of the Internet. See the details here

Web-Enabled Ontology of Software Engineering (WOSE)
The WOSE project is transforming Software Engineering Body of Knowledge (SwE
BOK) to a DAML-based ontology which will be deployed on the emerging
Semantic Web. Visit <> WOSE Web Site

Air Mobility Command and Air Force Research Laboratory explore use of DAML
The Air Force Staff, Air Mobility Command and Air Force Research Laboratory
(Rome) met on 3 May, 2001 to discuss how DAML technology could be applied to
help flight planners ensure each mission is in complete accordance with the
requirements in the DoD Foreign Clearance Guide (FCG). The FCG provides
guidance for State owned aircraft flying into the airspace of any foreign
DAML Ontology Library is now DAML
The DAML Ontology Library consists of a total of 130 separate ontologies and
the library structure itself is now also represented in DAML format. See
here <>
DAML in the news
The March/April 2001 issue of IEEE Intelligent Systems is a special issue on
the Semantic Web that includes several DAML articles. Articles
DAML at conferences
The Tenth International World Wide Web Conference (WWW10) was held in Hong
Kong, May 1-5. The Second International Workshop on the Semantic Web
(SemWeb2001) was co-located with WWW10. There were several DAML-related
talks at that workshop. WWW10 <>  /  Semantic Web Workshop

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