Fwd: Re: Agenda: SemWeb CG telcon Mon, 14 May

From: Jim Hendler (jhendler@darpa.mil)
Date: 05/18/01

  Both XML and RDf communities are interested in query languges over 
the various models/pages - below are a couple of snips from email 
w/Dan BRickley about this.  I know several of you are working on 
related things - anyone have any tools you'd like to see get wider 

>From Dan Brickley:
>  > >
>>  >Just as a reference, there's a paper that four of us wrote a few years
>>  >back, "Enabling Inference", 
>>  >that tries to establish the need for a query language over the RDF data
>>  >model rather than one concrete syntax. Might be worth pointing folk at,
>>  >though I think more persuasive materials are needed...
>>  >
>  > >Dan

>If there are online demos, writeups or source code available from DAML,
>particularly if the datatyping work has been implemented, I'd like the
>world to know. They don't have to be super-compelling, just establish that
>the RDF/DAML world has made some progress in these areas, and that we're
>no longer an armchair technology.
>The attitude from the XML folks seems different lately, they'd like to see
>use cases and requirements from us. A couple of years back, this would
>have been couched more confrontationally ('prove you need RDF'), now it's
>more curious ('show us why your stuff won't work on top of our stuff').
>Concrete examples from DAML would i think be very helpful...

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