Re: DAML API V0.4 Release

From: Jim Hendler (
Date: 04/25/01

At 4:04 PM -0400 4/25/01, Hart, Lewis wrote:
>DAML API V0.4 has been posted to
>in the tools/components section.
>Zip file
>Online docs
>The DAML API is a collection of Java interfaces and utility classes that
>implements an interface for manipulating DAML ontologies. It should be
>considered a developing work in progress.
>Let us know if you have comments or questions.
>- Lewis
>Lewis L Hart
>GRC International            
>1900 Gallows Rd.                  Voice (703)506-5938
>Vienna, Va 22182                    Fax (703)556-4261

Lewis- nice work - when you feel comfortable sharing this, you should 
post this info on www-rdf-logic and also ask Mike Dean to link it to 
the site appropriately.
  -Jim H
p.s. Usually I don't copy daml-all on such things, but I wanted to 
show you all I can say nice things :->  More importantly, getting 
things onto as soon as possible is absolutely crucial to 
keeping our funding going...
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