Re: Disappointment with all of you...

From: Jim Hendler (
Date: 04/25/01

  thanks for sharing that with everyone...
  let me be clear-
  the idea of the language is to be a starting place for a lot of 
work.  Remember my spiel at the kickoff meeting - we want to coevolve 
the language, the tools, and the uses -- but how can we coevolve 
without motion?    I made it clear that the tools were the main focus 
of the funding, but that we needed to keep moving in the direction of 
using this stuff, marking things up, developing ontologies, etc. 
When I assigned homeworks, things went well - we went from 0 to 1.2M 
statements in a few months.  We then went from 1.2M to 1.2M in a few 
months when I stopped requiring the work...  something is wrong with 
this picture...
  DARPA's investment in DAML (tools, language, DoD transitions) is 
over $60M -- seems to me this is enough that the issue of tools vs. 
ontologies had better not be an XOR.
  If the only way to keep things moving is threats and yelling, then 
as PM it's my job to do so.  I'm also happy to praise and reward when 
good things happen (like Mike's hyperDAML) but seems to me we have a 
long way to go, and we need to keep moving fast (remember the bobsled 
  Overall I'm pleased with the direction, but the vector seems too 
short, and I want to lengthen it before the July meeting, thus the 
prodding you've just received.
  -Jim H

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