PI Meeting

From: John Flynn (jflynn@bbn.com)
Date: 01/31/01


The updated agenda for the 13-15 February DAML PI meeting is posted at:


Demonstration will be in the Technology Integration Center from 1500 to 
1700 on Wednesday. The primary audience for these demos will be other 
people associated with the DAML effort. So far I have only heard from three 
teams that intend to demo. We need to assign/reserve space for your demos, 
so please let me know if your are bringing a demo. Try to bring the demo on 
your own laptop if possible. We will furnish monitors and/or projectors. If 
you need a computer for your demo, please let us know what you need as soon 
as possible. Network connectivity will be available. Also, we will be able 
to print out a poster board for your demo locally so you don't have to 
carry them on the airplane. We intend to keep copies of the poster boards 
to put on the walls in the TIC DAML Lab. To keep the poster boards 
reasonably consistent, please put the DARPA logo in the upper right corner 
and the DAML logo in the upper left corner. You can put your 
company/university logo in the bottom right corner if you desire. The 
poster boards should be portrait orientated so that they will fit behind 
computers in the DAML Lab. If you don't have the DARPA/DAML logos, we will 
add them on for you prior to printing.

Please note the three major breakout sessions (listed below). There are 
three 50-minute blocks with each of the breakout session running in 
parallel to give you an opportunity to participate in more than one session.
- Language
- Applications and Tools
- Services

Also, please note the Birds-of-a-Feather sessions on Wednesday and 
Thursday. Candidate subjects are:
- DAML and UML:  Paul Kogut, Lewis Hart
- DAML Rules (RuleML, etc.):  Benjamin Grosof
- Ontology Translation:  TBD (Adam Pease?)
- DAML Transition to Horus:  Joe Rockmore, Brian Kettler

Let us know if you would like additional Birds-of-a-Feather sessions on a 
DAML-related subject.



John Flynn
DAML Integration PM
BBN Technologies
(703) 284-4612

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