DAML in the news - message from Jim Hendler

From: Harris, Brad (BHarris@schafercorp-ballston.com)
Date: 09/18/00

   Following is from an article about DARPA in today's NY Times:
   Nice to see we're attracting the right kind of attention.


           In both cases, the need for artificial intelligence is obvious.
           Even if the ability of humans to interact easily with
           computers were vastly improved by, say, flawless voice
           recognition software, the amount of information flooding in
           would be overwhelming. The agency's response includes
           research on software that can screen widely diverse data
           sources for relevant trends, automatically reshape networks
           and write new programs to respond rapidly to emerging

           One project partly addressing such concerns is the effort to
           develop so-called Darpa agent markup language. D.A.M.L.,
           as the language is known in technical circles, would would
           create a universal format for telling computers what kind of
           information is in a data source. It would allow Internet
           search machines to extract data not just from the World
           Wide Web but from computer programs, sensors and other

           The computer language embodies one of the major changes
           the agency has confronted in adapting to the information age.
           While much of the agency's work still focuses on technology
           that it would just as soon see stay in American military
           hands, there are a growing number of developments that will
           go nowhere unless they also permeate civilian life.

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