Joint Committee Minutes 10 July 2001

This page summarizes the telecon for the Joint US/EU Committee on Agent Markup Languages held from 1300 to 1400 PDT on 10 July 2001. These minutes were prepared by the chairman, but have not yet been reviewed by the participants.



No announcements this week.

Last Week's Minutes

Following a correction from Ian, the minutes from July 3 were approved by those present.


Ian discussed his discussions with the DAML-S Coalition.

Ian had anonymously reviewed their paper for SWWS, and they requested an opportunity to chat about his comments.

DAML-S 0.5 focuses mostly on the RDFS subset (e.g. domain and range) of DAML+OIL. They could make good use, for example, of sameClassAs to define a class with cardinality Restrictions.

Pat noted that other users are also missing the subtleties of DAML+OIL based on our current documentation.

Ian performed an "eyeball analysis" focusing mostly on their use of language constructs. The DAML-S folks requested that he hold off on running FaCT and other tools or looking in detail at the ontology itself until they release an ontology update currently in progess.

It's likely that we'll have a joint session of the Reasoning and Rules (Language) and DAML-Services groups for the second breakout period of the DAML PI Meeting. Ian expects this to be a positive and productive session. DAML-S is a large and very complicated domain that could serve to drive language discussions including rules (for property chaining, etc.), the need for more idioms, etc.

Coordination with RDF Core

We discussed Frank's updated message to the W3C RDF Core WG. Part of the discussion centered on the syntax and semantics of URIs.

ACTION (Frank): update statement based on our discussion and send to www-rdf-logic and/or the RDF Core WG chairs

PI Meeting

Mike received several comments on his draft language briefing for the DAML PI Meeting.

We discussed the use of N3. N3 is becoming the de facto presentation syntax, but we may want to revisit Frank's proposal from December 2000, which is also machine-parsable but perhaps more human readable. Pat volunteered to look at this.

Mike primarily uses "N2.5" in his examples. This is N3 without nested contexts or use of the log: namespace.

Stefan volunteered to collect examples about what people would like to do with rules. ACTION (everyone): send Stefan examples of what they would like to do with rules. We'll seed this list with the committee respones and then open it up to the larger DAML program community in the plenary session.

Face-to-Face Meeting

We'll meet from 2-8pm on Tuesday, July 17, at the Nashua Marriott, the same hotel where the DAML PI Meeting will be held July 18-20.

Mike will send email when he gets a room number Monday evening. He'll also leave a message regarding the "Joint Committee meeting" at the front desk. You can also call his room.

Next Week

There will be no telecon next week due to the Face-to-Face meeting.

We expect to have a dial-in for the Reasoning and Rules breakout session.


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